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Random Rhapsody

Speaking Up & Speaking Out Against Depravity and (Willful) Ignorance

Seeker of the lost Rhapsody
***Getting too many spams for a journal that has not been updated since Novembruary so regrettably locking until this problem is sorted or I start posting again.***

I am a God lovingly manga otaku and anime fan. This blog was supposed to be for babbling about my fan fiction but more often than not whatever gets me riled up that I feel like logging in to blog about. :p

A far more detailed bio can be found by just talking to me or pulling out what you can by reading my entries. I am not responsible for incorrect assumptions.

The friends list- I basically think of it as a favorite journals list so I don't mind people watching my journal by adding me to their friends list nor removing me when they get bored with my entries since I'm kind of fickle about it myself.

Breaking News
A feather was found growing on the back of a pig in Transylvania, but because it was so plump and tasty looking it was butchered and eaten by the farmer who owned him and his family. No other pigs with feathers have been found.